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Associated reports


  • WP2: Impact assessment

    Published 1 August 2029

    Deliverable 2.1: Methodologies for impact assessment of on-site and offsite construction logistics

    View (pdf 5.68 MB)
  • Requirements specification for Intelligent Access Control 74 tons

    Published 18 January 2019

    In this report, drivers, barriers, opportunities and challenges associated with current procurement practices are identified when the ambition is fossil and emission-free construction sites. Various measures for reducing emissions are discussed based on processes, optimization, energy use and life cycle analyzes - both measures that are already in place and measures that can easily be implemented.
    Furthermore, there is a proposal for how the City of Oslo can make better demands on fossil and emission-free construction sites. The report is based on a literature review, experiences from the case study "Lia kindergarten" and analyzes of existing knowledge about fossil and emission-free construction sites.

    Read the report here (Norwegian only)
  • GHG emission calculation from construction phase of Lia barnehage

    Published 18 January 2019

    This report summarises the life cycle assessment methodology used to calculate the GHG emissions from a case study considered under "Utslippsfrie byggeplasser forprosjekt".

    Read the report here