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Brussels, Belgium

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A first goal in Brussels is to gain better insight in the share of construction logistics related transport in the total transport flows per type of project, as there is currently a large gap in accurate data on these flows. 

The MIMC project will test and demonstrate

The data collection on construction logistics related transport movements will be attempted by using i.e. OBU (on board unit) data of +3,5 T trucks as well as traffic counts for a selection of (larger) construction sites, providing a better understanding on the amount and type of flows generated in practice by construction works.

A second goal is to better understand the impact of these flows on urban sustainability. Therefore VUB will contribute to the development of tools to assess and evaluate the sustainability impact of construction logistics solutions on different stakeholders. The application of the sustainability impact assessment framework will be tested on the intermodal delivery of construction materials via inland waterway in a multi-stakeholder co-operation with Port of Brussels authority, Knauf (building material supplier), Valens (contractor) and Shipit (barge operator). This will allow to assess the impact on economic, social and environmental sustainability (with specific focus on congestion, emissions and safety) of construction freight flows from origin to destination. Focus will be initially on off-site logistics, but in a second phase also on-site logistic flows will be evaluated.

As VUB is also involved in the Innoviris-funded Brussels Construction Consolidation Centre project, through which a consolidation hub for construction materials will be initiated and operated in Brussels, a comparison of different construction logistics solutions using a systematic evaluation framework will be possible. This will also allow to determine how to deploy a generic sustainability evaluation framework in the context of construction logistics and to what extent this framework needs to be costumized in order to evaluate different solutions at a sufficiently detailed level.

National demonstration partners

  • B. en N. Knauf & Co - ISOLAVA GCV
  • Shipit Multimodal Logistics
  • Port of Brussels
  • Valens NV 



  • Koen_MIMIC
    Koen Mommens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Belgium - National Demonstration Coordinator
  • Pamela Nolz
    Pamela Nolz, E³UDRES² European University
    Austria - Former National Demonstration Coordinator