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Vienna, Austria

PHOTO: schreinerkastler

To enable efficient logistics for urban construction processes, we combine optimization, traffic simulation, and novel data science approaches. Our construction logistics optimization deals with coordinating workers, material delivery, and storage to optimize resource efficiency and reduce road traffic. We develop heuristic solution methods to approach real-world uncertainties and dynamic changes in construction processes.

To evaluate the optimized solutions with respect to real-world conditions, we perform a traffic simulation. The simulation assesses the impact of construction traffic in terms of congestion, travel times, etc. based on realistic traffic volumes over times of the day.

Beyond simulation, we monitor the effects of real-world construction works on urban transport systems. Using novel data sources and efficient distributed data science methods, we measure changes caused by construction sites in Vienna.

By integrating these three approaches, we aim to achieve more reliable methods that will enable decision makers and planers to make informed decisions based on objective data and well-documented scenarios.

National demonstration partners

  • BERNARD Engineers

National Demonstration Coordinator

  • Cecilie Flyen, SINTEF Buildings and Infrastructure
    Norway - National Demonstration Coordinator
  • Martin Reinthaler
    Martin Reinthaler, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
    Austria - National Demonstration Coordinator