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Important finding relevant data and the willingness to share it!

The third MIMIC consortium meeting was held 3-4th of December at Omsorgsbygg headquarter in Oslo. Participants from all four countries were present and discussed the status and next steps forward for each work package and pilot project. The meeting also included workshops, presentations and a visit to Olav Vs gate/Klingenberggata, a zero-emissions development site in the city center of Oslo.
MIMIC Consortium

It has been a little bit over a year since MIMIC started and the project is moving forward according to plan, even though there are some restraints, mainly external factors such as data accessibility and pilot project delays.  

Construction logistics is a complex topic with multiple stakeholders involved. The project goal is to reduce the negative impact of construction sites by improving the governance of construction logistics through implementing SMART governance concepts. This will have a more positive impact regarding all the three dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental and economical. 

The challenges in the project are many, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning two:
Finding relevant data and the willingness to share it. Relevant data needs to be both available and accessible in order to further understand and develop construction logistics. The required data is usually either very time consuming to collect and filter or simply not existing. It is also necessary that stakeholders are willing to share existing data which in itself can be a complex task and often needs to be justified by a clear benefit for the stakeholder either short-term or long-term. 

A multinational collaboration project such as MIMIC can be challenging for all members to take part of and coordinate, but we believe that the benefit of this collaboration is bigger. Not only does this allow for a more holistic perspective of the topic but it also enable a larger network of stakeholders and a platform to share data and insights.  

The two days did include many inspirational discussions and insights, that brings hope over future development of construction logistics, such as the presentation of innovative and green public procurement and the zero-emissions development site.  

Next meeting will be held in Gothenburg 5-6th of May 2020