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We need to consider multiple construction sites at once

Pamela Nolz was interviewed about what has been accomplished in the CIVIC-project and what will be the main focus of MiMIC.

The CIVIC-project has been in contact with construction companies that originate from the countries that are involved. The construction companies explanied what their main construction logistics difficulties were. 

pamelanolz.jpgDuring the interview Pamela also explained the development of models and algorithms for better construction logistics planning performed at AIT. She also discussed the use of construction consolidations centers to bundle material and reduce traffic and the CIVIC-projects approach. During this discussion Pamela explained that the CIVIC methods can be applied to all kinds of construction sites with some problem-specific adaptions and accurate data. CIVIC provided the theoretical background for the follow-up project MIMIC, which is one step closer to practical implementation.

Link to the interview (in German)